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'The Truth About Vaccines' a Total Health Presentation by Shiv Chopra, BVSc, MSc,PhD, Fellow WHO, and author of 'CORRUPT TO THE CORE: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower' on the health effects resulting from the increasing international concurrence of vaccination programs. For further research check out Dr. Shiv Chopra's website http://shivchopra.com (Recorded on Sunday April 7th 2013) Total Health 2013 Expo http://www.totalhealthshow.com/ Toronto Truth Seekers http://www.torontotruthseekers.com

In this excellent talk , Dr Chopra tells about the horrible history of vaccines, how the diseases they are used against were already irradicated in 1933, how vaccines spread disease rather than prevent them, how lies are being told yo promote vaccines, while no vaccines are necessary ever. There is no science behind vaccines. If  a child has vaccine damage in the States, the drug companies cannot be sued. The governments, the philnthropists, the media, they are all on one side, and no one dares to speak up. If anyone says you have to take the vaccine, tell them to put it in writing, and then they can do nothing. Just say you will not take any vaccines.

Aids was caused by a virus carried by monkies that were used for making vaccines.



Shiv Chopra:

THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES Dr Shiv Chopra (Total Health 2013)


In the following this speach is broken down in elements:

The world has been taken over by ten corperations: twho control food, slaughterhouses, medicine and vaccines.


Vaccines is a subject nobody wants to touch. And yet from birth to grave people are told they must take  vaccines. The amount of money put on this is so huge, that Bill and Melinda Gates have put 18 billion dollars in the control of food and vaccines. And the doctors that speak out against vaccines, they go against them, and have their licenses revoked. All fear mongering. All completely false. Saying it's false doesn't make it false. You have to give proof, and I have for several years. You have to proove it by science, you have to confront these people, and I have for the last sevral years.

 I put it on my website, what vaccines are , what vaccines are supposed to do, and why they are not working, and wwhy they are not working, and why they are dangerous. The conclusions is, there are no good vaccines anywhere. they are totally unnecessary and dangerous for health. Your health the children's health and especially the baby's health, 
iLet me now explain what vaccines do, what they are supposed to do, and why they are not doing what they are supposed to do. After all, a vaccine is supposed to protect you against some infectious disease. It could be cholera, it could be flu, it could be measles, mumps, pertussis, whatever. Vaccines work by antigens. It generates antibodies. When the body reacts to it, after about 2 weeks it makes antibodies. Now antigens. The antigen has to be bound to a foreign protein, because you do not have a reaction to your own proteins. Each person’s proteins are unique. You cannot plant someone elses protein into yours. Wean you eat anything, there are three major ingredients in your diet. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Of course you also have vitamins and minerals, but it mainly proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Every protein you eat must be broken down into 20 single amino acids. Those amino acids are then absorbed across the intestinal tract and your body makes your own protein. You cannot take it from protein. Similarly, when you eat carbohydrates, it must be broken down to glucose, the only sugar your body can absorb, and your body then  makes its own starch called glycogen. The same goes for fats. They get broken down into fatty acids and are then absorbed into your blood, and your body makes its own fat. You cannot absorb any other fat cells. When you get infected by an infected organism, it can only get in two ways. Either through your nose  or through your mouth. Or sometimes, it will occur through an accident, injection or sexual contact. When the organism gets in your body, the first reaction if it gets through the nose, is that you sneeze. If it gets in through the mouth in the stomach, you may vomit. If it gets through another way, you may get diarrhea. These are all good things. These are protections of your body. So don’t be alarmed by vomiting or diarrhea when you get the flu. It is a good thing, you are flushing it out. So that’s the first way. If it gets through anyway, you have lymph glands, These organisms, chew them up, and turn them into proteins called antigens. The message is sent to a tiny little gland in the neck, the thymus gland, and that recognizes a foreign agent has come in. It processes that information in the thymus gland. The thymus gland sends a message to the bone marrow, to get active, and produce antibodies. In the Thymus they are called T-cells, in the bonemarrow they are called V-cells. This is the complete cycle of your protection. Now it takes two weeks, and it is called primary antibody, because it happens the first time. If the body is infected a second time, the antibody is produced in 24 hours. This the secondary antibody. This is the body’s memory system. This is how the body’s immune system works.



Now what happens? Some of these colleges of mine noticed, centuries before knowledge, that if you get the infection once it does not happen again and that can be a protection, and then the word vaccine was invented.



The word vaccine  comes from vaccin in Greek and Sanskrit, meaning cow. Because the ancient people had figured out that the cowpox virus was related to the smallpox virus, and that if you get infected by the cowpox, you do not get infected with smallpox. These observations were made 300 years ago by a British doctor working in India. And then he came back and spoke to the royal society of medicine, and then Edward Jenner, who was chemist, and he asked some British farmers about this, and they confirmed it was true. So Edward Jenner became the father of vaccination, vacca cow, vache French. That idea was picked up by  French chemist, Louis Pasteur, and he thought he would make vaccines artificially, like nature, and he made three vaccines, one for anthrax, one for rabies, and one for cow cholera, and they all failed, none of them worked. His idea was, if he takes a virus and but it through a  rabbits brain, it would produce antibodies. But that rabbits brain killed more people than rabies ever did. Because rabies occurred once in a while, but this guy was injecting rabies.


Siimilarly anthrax vaccine can kill.


By this time , many diseases , like the plague, started to die out. Because once they figured out that these diseases were caused by micro organisms, hygiene was put into place.


That idea of sterilization, and clean water, were propagated, and that is why at the beginning of the twentieth century many diseases were gone




By this time, many other diseases, that used to be horrible diseases , like the plague, which killed millions of people started to disappear. Because once they figured out that these diseases were caused by micro organisms, and they figured out diseases were spread by rats and fleas, and they figured out the cycle of infection  the idea of sterilization and hygiene, were put into place, The idea of sterilization and hygiene and clean water started to be propagated, and when we come into the early  twentieth century , many diseases either disappeared or they became minor or uncommon. https://youtu.be/X0kf3W6z0ts?t=1120


But the idea of making vaccines kept on going. So from 1900 to 1943 many diseases, like small pox,  were already going down in a big way, plague had already disappeared and other diseases were gone because of hygienic measures,

And by this time they had developed three vaccines, what they called the triple vaccine,  diphteria, tetanus pertussis or  whooping caough.

Vaccines were not compulsory, but they were  causing more disease, and there were a couple of hundred vaccines going around at that time, for syphilis, for gonorrhea,

 but nothing worked. It went on. Nobody looked at their safety. They continued to do much harm and nobody ever questioned them . Nothing was ever examined. Then there was a major investigation, and all vaccines were dropped against the one against diphteria, tetanus and pertussis. By 1943 the disease rates  had dropped to zero. But the companies kept going, and in 1948, vaccines were introduced in a big way. Still we are talking about DPT. Many vaccines were dropped, but DPT continued. All of a sudden you come into the early fifties, polio becomes a big thing. At this time   micro biologists  did not know how to grow viruses. They did know how to grow bacteria. Bacteria could be grown on milk or beef north, they are larger organisms,  but viruses cannot be grown on any artificial media. Virus is pure DNA. It needs a living cell. SO it needs to get inside a living cell, and it fools the living cell to make its own DNA  This is how the virus becomes a parasite of living cells. In the early 50ties polio had become an issue., and the American government told a researcher, doctor, Jonas Sock, to make a national emergency and to try and make a vaccine against polio. Why did polio all of a suddenly become an issue? It is not a mystery  to see now, but then it was a mystery. But it was a simple thing that happened. After the war, hygiene was still growing. Personal hygiene was getting better, and people were flushing their toilets, and all the sewer went to the beaches where the children were playing and bathing. So they were picking up polio from there. Therefore polio is called a disease of cleanliness. Another vaccine was now produced. It was produced in monkeys, so Johannes Sock took their kidneys out,  and shot them off, and put the virus on them, and kept them there for two or thre days,  and then egg and gelatin, and three days later, they took the fluid off, and that they put in formaldehyde to kill the virus, and so that became the polio vaccine. And then they saw the polio vaccine was causing polio. But it did not start after 48 hours, but two or three weeks later.  Then Albert  Sadin produced an oral polio vaccine. (The oral vaccine was from live virus) So now there was a competition between the two vaccines, The oral was live, the first was killed.  Both caused polio instead of preventing it. But because the viruses were grown on kidneys from monkeys that were caught in the wild, the monkeys brought their own diseases, which nobody could detect. One virus went through, and was given only a number, SB40., which caused cancer.  The world was horrified, and then they said don’t give this vaccine.  That  virus is still alive today. The virus has contaminated the entire polio vaccination tissue




. During the same time  they killed the monkeys, something else happened. At that time, another virus broke through, that was very similar to what would later become  HIV. There was no HIV before. These are still in the vaccine system , and nobody wants to talk about that. These are just the cancer viruses.



The measles vaccine was introduced in the earluier sixtees, and the mumps and rubella in the early seventies.



I am a vaccine expert. I am a veterinarian, I am a microbiologist (PhD), my training is all in vaccines. Foodsafety was a later part of my career. I was a fellow of the WHO developing vaccines.  I worked in the pharmaceutical industry making allergy vaccines. I worked at Health Canada, approving vaccines. Rubella, mumps, and some measles went through my hands, in the early seventies, seventy one or so. I was very concerned with the kind of things I just now described, but  I had no proof,  at that time  it was only a theoretical possibility. That’s the safety part.





I always had issues about the efficacy of vaccines like rubella and mumps.Rubella is a very simple inoccuous disease. It brings fever for a day or two, the child gets a rash, it disappears and the child is immune for life. By age fifteen 80% of the children are immune. The parents called it kissing disease. The harm of rubella is rubella babies. If a mother caught rubella in the first trimester of the trimester caught rubella, the child may be born with some defect, blindness or so. My suggestion was, why do we not test the girls, test their blood, see if she has had rubella or not, and if not, just give it to her. But they wanted to give it to every child, to 80% of the population. The idea is that if 80% of the population is immune, you have herd immunity, and the population is immune. Mumps is the opposite of rubella, that is only dangerous for boys in puberty, who may become sterile. You don’t need, measles, you don’t need mumps, you don’t need rubella, you don’t need dpt, you don’t need any of these, Why are you continuing to give it?


Now, during this same period, there is a huge increase of diseases that used to be rare. Autism, diabetes, obesity, auto immune diseases, cancer, all these diseases used to be rare. Now 1 in 50 children have autism. I in 50! It used to be 1 in 10.000! Where did it come from?



In the vaccines there are not just the foreign proteins I talked about, there are also heavy metals. There is mercury, there is aluminum, there is fish oil, there is beef serum, there is pig serum, there is gelatin. All these untested dangerous materials. And formaldehyde, causing cancer. All these cellular agents that are not even declared. They’re in the vaccine. So when you take this shot, this injection, as it goes in, it explodes inside your body like a cluster bomb, and hits every part and organ of the body. What ever it hits gets knocked out. If it’s the brain, the child gets a fever for a day, and the next day the mother says: what happened to this child? It becomes autistic. If the pancreas gets in the way, there is diabetes. If the thyroid comes in the way, there is obesity. And then there are all these viruses causing cancer. 




So all of these materials are being injected, and the governments, and the doctors, and the media are saying constantly,  “Look what happened in 1918! Hundreds of people died! Form Swine flu! “ 1918. How they call it swine flu is a mystery. Because at tht time nobody knew what a virus was. Nobody knew how to grow a virus. But it happened after the war. People died. Now someone says 200 million peple died, another says 50 million people died, a lot of people died. They call it swine flu. First they called in Spansigh flu. And the Spanish called it the French flu. They were on opposite sudes of the was. But there was something else that had occurred at the same time, A drug had been invented called aspirin. And people took aspirin. And people took aspirin took bring down the fever and pain, not knowing that aspirin could cause internal bleeding and kill you. And also after the was people were debilitated, so no one knows exactly what happened. And now we jump to 1957, another flu wave came, This time, it was called Hong Kong flu, that wasn’t good enough, so then they started calling it China flu. Then they called in Mao flu. So why not Bush flu. Because after all it was during Bush’s era that bird flu came up. But viruses have been on earth for 65 million years, and they say they come from migrating birds, but if it starts in China, how can ik come straight to the Western world. So there is something wrong. So they say it was H1N1. In the last few days , another strain has come up. Unfortunately, there is no barrier for the flu.




Small pox has been eradicated since 1978, there has not been a single case eversince, exept now a year ago, because since a year ago every United States soldier must take the Small pox vaccine, and their whole families, and they cannot refuse, and they cannot tell anybody they were forced to take it. Now there has been a case when small pox was passed on from one person to another, and it has been brought back by vaccines.


When small pox was eradicated in the world, a decsion was made by all the countries to destroy the Smallpox virus, and they did  it, except two countries,  the United States and the Soviet Union. They still have them. In their vaults. And they are saying the terrorists may get it and spread it. How?  Unless they themselves give it out. This is what the United States did! They gave a supply of anthrax to Irak, to Saddam Hoessein when he was stil friends with the United States, to try on his own people, and they found it does not work. Because anthrax is a diseases that comes in animals when they are infected. If it comes in the plants. But occasionally animals get it. And vets know, because if animals get it  vet sees it, because bllod comes from every hole from the animals body, which is then burnt and buried 8 feet under. Anthrax vaccine is still tested in children to see of it works with children. Anthrax iis not transmitted from person to person. Sometimes there are acce=idents, someone once spilt a whole flax of it, and just washed it down nothing happened, ( It is not contagious for people.). But this fear mongering., telling you you should take this vccine, that vaccine, and now you are actually damaging the health of your children.


When you come to meetings like this, sometimes very worried mmothers come up to me, are there are any vaccines I should take, I’m traveling, and I say “No, you don’t”And they say, but my doctor said. I say go speak to your doctor, go teach your doctor, then they say that they are being forced, This whole thing is being twisted. People are being coerced and forced into taking vaccines.  I do not tell you to take, or not take a vaccine, My job is to explain to you the science of vaccine.




vaccines there’s no science behind it. I challenge anyone to debate that, on any channel, on any public forum,  nobody ever comes. I challenge them to come here! Or anywhere!


The United States have now passed a law, that if a child is damaged, you cannot sue the drug company, This is law! If we pass that  law, and people could sue the company, that would destroy the entire vaccine industry. These are very valuable drugs.




So who gave them this information that vaccines are valuable drugs? The president of the United States. Why all tthey calling it pandemic? Pandemic means all over the world,  But there is one case and they’re calling it a pandemic string!



The government, the philanthropists, the doctors, the media, they’re all on one side, and nobody dares to speak up, and who wants to?



It is your right to take or not take a vaccine. Whether it’s the government, the doctor, the hopital, the schoolboard, if nyone says you have to take the vaccine  other wise you cannot send your child to this school, you can’t have this job, just say that they have to put it in writing. Nothing will happen. And you have a right to sue them all. It willl stop, Thank you.





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Read this eye opening book for a shocking answer.
David Suzuki, Ph.D., Canadian Environmentalist

Shiv Chopra is a hero … who took on the powers at Health Canada.
Maude Barlow, Chairperson, Council of Canadians
Recipient, Swedish Right Livelihood Award 

In all my years as a rebel-rouser, I never heard anyone announce publicly, in advance and again and again, that they were going to blow the whistle
Ralph Nader, Former Presidential Candidate, U.S.A, Speaking at a conference on Science in the Public Good.

Here is a full account of how government corruption endangers the public food supply.
Paul Dewar, M.P., Canadian House of Commons

A courageous writing; [it] provides a dose of resilience to all who care about the integrity of science, independence of government regulations … and the freedom of citizens from hazardous food and medicines.
Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., Environmental Activist
Recipient, Swedish Right Livelihood Award 

It takes heroic personal courage to research and publicize adverse or critical findings on products and policies endorsed by the governments involved.
Samuel Epstein, M.D., University of Chicago
Recipient, Swedish Tight Livelihood Award

A must read book.
David Hutton, Executive Director
Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR)

Look forward to a sequel.
David Yazbeck, Partner
Raven, Ballantyne, Cameron and Yazbeck


Flu Vaccine Deception: Dr. Mercola's Interview with Dr. Chopra (Part 1 of 8)

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/art... - An interview by Dr. Mercola with Dr. Shiv Chopra, a drug company insider. Dr. Shiv Chopra revealed the shocking insider swine flu information and the flu vaccine deception that you won't hear from the mainstream news outlets. (Part1) Dr. Shiv Chopra"No flu vaccine has ever worked. Swine flu, we do not even know if it exists. It's a misnomer. Just like Avian flu. It does not exist.



Part 2

The pandemic nonsense that goes on, they just make it up. They always mention the swine flu of 1918. But No one knew if there was a swine flu, or what that was. The French called it Spanish flu,, the Spanish called it French flu. There was no way of telling what it was at that time.

What the case was, is that asperine was introduced then, and used to bring the fever down. That may have caused internal flu.

The flu is put on anyones head that you do not like: Mao flu, Chinese flu.




Dr. Shiv Chopra was a drug company insider, and also worked for what is now Health Canada -- the Canadian equivalent of the FDA. He is uniquely qualified to explain why no flu vaccine has ever worked, and that swine flu and avian flu are nothing more than hoaxes.
Dr. Mercola's Comments:

I met Dr. Chopra while we were both attending the National Vaccine Information Center’s “4th International Conference on Vaccines” in Washington D.C. He was clearly one of the top leading experts there, giving an enormously compelling and effective presentation that got rounds of standing ovations.

Dr. Chopra is an insider; he was hired by the drug companies and worked with vaccine development in Europe. He has also worked for the Canadian government, in the equivalent of the FDA. He was a senior scientific advisor for what is now Health Canada for 20 years, working primarily in vaccines and antibiotics.

So with respect to vaccines, the understanding of them and the history and the regulatory authorities that are involved with them, there are really very few people in the entire world who are more qualified than Dr. Chopra to comment on the issues.

And that is why I am so excited to share this interview with all of you.

Swine Flu:a complete Hoax

Is swine flu really a devastating pandemic that may wipe out large numbers of people? Are you doing yourself disservice by not getting the vaccine? According to Dr. Chopra, no and no way.

He states: 

No vaccine has ever worked. Swine flu, we don’t even know there is such a thing. It’s a misnomer.Avian [bird] flu, these are all made-up things. The whole thing is a hoax. It has been for the last 10 years. First they started with the avian flu, and then swine flu.”

For those of you who don’t remember, the bird flu epidemic -- predicted to kill some 2 million Americans -- turned out to be a whole lot of hot air, and not much else. This is why I wrote the book The Great Bird Flu Hoax.

Dr. Chopra was really one of the earliest advocates to warn that the bird flu was a hoax, and he explains that nobody really knows to this day what all of the major influenza epidemics of the past really were -- including the 1918 flu epidemic.

“How come they never talked about this influenza in India? We never heard of it. I never heard of it. Remember, this swine flu at that time was originally called Spanish flu, and the Spanish called it French flu because the two countries were on the opposite sides of the war. And then eventually they settled on swine flu. Again, nobody knew if that was really swine flu because we didn’t know how to isolate a virus at that time,” Dr. Chopra says. 

“There were no tissue cultures and the viruses didn’t grow outside living cells. We know a lot of people died; exactly what they died of, it could be swine flu, the virus, or pneumonia. We didn’t have any antibiotics at that time. So complications may have killed them. It’s even possible as some people say it was: with influenza you get fairly high fever, with some flu you get higher fever.

The aspirin at the time was a thing to reduce your body temperature. People say too much aspirin -- there were no controls, we didn’t know how aspirin really worked and what damage it did. Some people may have died from internal bleeding, by taking too much aspirin and trying to bring the temperature down,” he continues.

How Did Vaccines Come to be Trusted?

You may remember the 1976 swine flu epidemic, which also never materialized. Dr. Chopra shares the inside story on how it materialized and why so many people jumped on the vaccine bandwagon:

“All of a sudden, a rumor came out: an American marine had died of influenza and it was swine influenza. Nobody compared it to the actual swine influenza … Nobody also revealed that that soldier on that day had run 12 miles. With a fever going, this can happen: he died. This became a reality for America.

They said, “There’s going to be a major epidemic, a pandemic. It’s going to kill millions of people around the world. At least we’re going to take care of America.””

So Merck was contracted to produce a swine flu vaccine for every single American. The American population at that time was 250 million, so 250 million doses were taken care of at that time for the United States.

We were next door in Canada. I was working on these issues, too, and we had a high-powered meeting. What are we going to do? We approached Merck and Merck said, “We don’t have enough vaccine. We only have for the Americans. We don’t have for you.” So Canada ran around to buy the vaccine at that time.

We had a company in Toronto: Canadian company Canada Laboratories, who used to make insulin and so on. They said, “We can’t make it but we can get it for you from Glaxo.” So a contract we proposed for 21 million doses because Canada’s population at that time was 21 million. Now it’s 33. 

So we prepared a contract. I was sitting there in this meeting and said, “You know, people, let’s really consider: is it necessary?”

I said that in 1968, I used to live in England. When that epidemic occurred at that time in England, they were saying they don’t have enough vaccine; it will only be given to senior executives and important people. Because I worked in a pharmaceutical company as a senior executive, I was offered the vaccine.

But I didn’t take it. So I left and I said in this meeting in ’76 in Canada that I didn’t take the vaccine. The funny thing is, I was sick only once. People who took the vaccine were sick twice: their first from the vaccine, then from the flu because it didn’t protect them.”

This whole business of vaccines, for a long time, used to be under the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Chopra explained.

“So the government was responsible for doing good to the entire public. Public health was under that area. If the government was doing it, there was no question ever raised that they will do any wrong thing. They’re making vaccines. All over the world, it was the same system. So they were not brought under the regular drug evaluation system,” he says.

“This is the way the politics of vaccines work,” he continues. “What I’m saying categorically is that vaccines have never been tested. Vaccines have never been tested for safety or efficacy, as they should have been.”

Real Scare from the H1N1 ‘Pandemic’

You may recall over the summer when the World Health Organization raised the swine flu threat level from a 5 to a 6, which meant this is a full-blown pandemic. As Dr. Chopra explains, this decision, along with the news that the virus was “mutating,” was completely unfounded.

Who is the Directorate General of the WHO to say that “I’m raising it to pandemic level #6?” Based on what? At the same time, from the same sources, we’re receiving information that we think sooner or later, the virus is going to mutate. We don’t know when but it is going to. How did they know that? How do they come to that conclusion?

Then we hear the new virus H1N1 has components: the bird flu, H5N1, or the other way around. When you use these kinds of numbers and technical words, it frightens people because they don’t understand what H or N stands for. They take people’s words for it and the media picks it up and then starts to say, “This is very different. This is entirely different. This has components of the 1918 flu and the bird flu. It also has the swine flu.” 

And you go around in Mexico and you get H1N1 in the swine right now. So you make six, eight or ten different drugs, different vaccines as many as the companies want you to make , and then you say, “Some will be live and they’ll be given in the nose, some will be killed, some will have adjuvants like squalene oils.

… And some people are being given nasal vaccine, so that means a live virus. If you’re putting a drop in the nose like you put the drop of polio in the mouth, then those are the portals of entry that obviously mean this is a live virus. If it’s a live virus, then you actually maybe creating a pandemic with whatever you manufactured in the laboratory. If it’s a live virus then that’s what could happen,” he states.

One of the Most Massive Cover-Ups in American History?

Swine flu is quickly becoming exposed for the massive hoax it really is. For more insider information, be sure to listen to my interview with retired neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Russell Blaylock 



Interview Shiv Chopra

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Whistleblower Shiv Chopra remembered for 'speaking truth to power'




Shiv Chopra did not fear wading into controversy. He would do it again and again. The government scientist said it was his job to blow the whistle when the evidence showed that drugs used for animals posed a danger to the safety of Canada’s food system.

Chopra died Sunday at the age of 84 after spending much of the past three decades in the spotlight. He was a crank to some and a hero to others.

In 1989, he sparked debate over Canada’s veterinary drug approval process after he and fellow scientist Margaret Haydon testified before a Senate committee that they were being pressured to approve bovine growth hormone (BGH), a product aimed at boosting milk production in dairy cows.

BGH was never approved in Canada, and some credit the actions of the scientists. 

Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, said Chopra contacted her to go public with the BGH issue and called Chopra “a true national hero.”

“Shiv put his career and future on the line to resist. He literally blew the whistle on this shameful fact and contacted me to go public. Together with the Canadian Health Coalition and the Council of Canadians, Shiv led a national campaign to halt the BGH patent approval process, which was successfully blocked in the Senate. Canadians owe Shiv Chopra a great deal.”

Born in India, where he earned a degree in veterinary science, Chopra came to Canada to do a PhD in microbiology at McGill University and worked in England briefly before returning to Canada in 1969 to work for the federal government. He was a Hindu and grew up on a vegetarian diet. 

Chopra’s son, Anil, said his father always led by example. Science and whistle-blowing were a constant topic of discussion around the family’s dinner table.

“He taught us from an early age to always seek truth in everything. And I mean everything. It wasn’t just science, it was religion, spirituality and philosophy,” said Anil.

“If he saw injustice, he would speak up about it. He saw it as his duty. He always said he worked for the people of Canada, not for his direct supervisors or the government of the time. He always said civil servants were there to be the defenders of the people. It’s what kept him going.”

Shiv Chopra with fellow scientist Margaret Haydon in 2000.

Shiv Chopra with fellow scientist Margaret Haydon in 2000. WAYNE HIEBERT / THE OTTAWA CITIZEN

In the years that followed the BGH controversy, Chopra and his fellow scientists would remain perennially in the headlines, speaking out about other veterinary drugs and practices. They wrote directly to then-health minister Anne McLellan, urging a total ban on animal feeds containing rendered materials of other animals after the discovery of a case of  bovine spongiform encephalopathy, known as “mad cow,” in  Alberta. They spoke out against approving the antibiotic Baytril for animal use, arguing it could produce antibiotic resistance in humans.

Their actions sparked public debate not just about food safety, but also the role of whistleblowing in the public service — and a long round of cases and appeals before courts, boards and tribunals.

In 2001, the Federal Court ruled that the scientists had the right to voice their concerns about the approval of BGH because the public interest overrode loyalty to their employer. In 2004, Chopra, Haydon and Gérard Lambert were fired for “insubordination.” A few months later, then-prime minister Paul Martin said the firings had nothing to do with whistleblowing.

“First of all, Health Canada made it very clear at the time that that happened that this had nothing to do with whistleblowing, that their reasons for taking their actions had nothing to do with calling attention to any problem, and I certainly accept Health Canada’s word on that,” Martin said.

By that time, Chopra was near retirement age, but he would spend almost the rest of his life doggedly fighting to be reinstated.

Shiv Chopra, G?rard Lambert and Margaret Haydon with the Integrity Award from the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression in 2011.

Shiv Chopra, Gérard Lambert and Margaret Haydon with the Integrity Award from the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression in 2011. OTTWP

In 2014, Chopra founded the Canadian Council for Food Safety and Health, saying he still had concerns about what he called the “five pillars of food safety” — hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse byproducts used in animal feed, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.

Chopra held some controversial views, including reservations about vaccinations, which prompted critics to dub him an “anti-vaxxer.” 

Anil Chopra said his father believed that all drugs should be stringently tested and there should be an open dialogue about their use.

“My father was all about having proper science done, especially when it came to children. He was an expert on this. He saw a lot of data pass his desk,” said Anil. “He was a man of science and a man of truth. If it was well-tested and safe, he was for it.”

Haydon and Lambert were eventually ordered reinstated in 2016, but the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board upheld Chopra’s dismissal. Chopra sought to appeal that decision, but the Federal Court of Appeal decided last September that the adjudicator’s decision was not unreasonable and it would not hear the case.

In an interview with this newspaper on the day of the decision, Chopra argued that the real issue was Canada’s food safety system — and the tribunals and courts had never answered the question of whether he was right. 

“If today I had won, I would be compensated for my loss of salary. But the issue of public food safety would still remain,” he said.

Chopra was diagnosed with cancer in October, only a few weeks after he learned that the court wouldn’t hear his appeal, said Anil Chopra.

Ken Billings, the executive director of the Canadian Council on Food Safety and Health, said Chopra will be remembered for “speaking truth to power” and in inspiring food safety activism around the world. Chopra maintained a busy schedule of speaking engagements until recently, said Billings. 

“Getting safe food in the system was his major focus, as well as getting healthy, safe food on the school curriculum.”

The Canadian Council of Food Safety and Health as been pushing for a pilot project to demonstrate permaculture at the Central Experimental Farm and still wants to pursue the project, said Billings. “In some parts of the world, a couple of acres can feed a village. This is do-able.”

Chopra is survived by his wife, Nirmala, sons Sandeep and Anil, and five grandchildren. A memorial for family and friends will be held at 4 p.m. on Jan. 20 at the Hindu Temple of Ottawa-Carleton. A public memorial will be held in February, with details to come at a later date.





Do We Need More Food?- Dr. Shiv Chopra



Dr. Shiv Chopra Speech At Toronto March Against Monsanto






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