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Vaccinations, Natural Immunity and Patient Rights
What you need to make an Informed Decision for Yourself and Your Child

Subjects covered in this article:
• Background & Vaccination History
• Vaccination Theory
• Informed Consent
• Sanitation, Hygiene & Nutrition
• Natural Immunity
• Current Risks of Infectious Diseases
• Vaccination Efficacy
• Risks of Vaccination Side Effects
• Alternatives to Vaccinations
• Legal Rights regarding Vaccinations
• Suggested Reading and further Resources


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Background & Vaccination History
Vaccinations have been a controversial subject since they were first introduced more than 200 years ago. Proponents of vaccinations point to reductions in the incidence of some diseases and conclude that the benefits to the human race as a whole outweigh any negative side effects that might be experienced by any one individual.

On the other side of the arguement, opponents of vaccination point to statistics which show that virtually all reduction in fatalities from infectious disease occured before widespread vaccines were introduced for those illnesses, and that the same reductions in disease incidence also took place in countries where there were no widespread vaccination programs of any kind, and also took place in the same time period for diseases that never had vaccines introduced! Instead of vaccines reducing death and disease incidence, they point to revolutions in nutrition, sanitation and hygeine that were implemented at that time as being far more instrumental in the reduction of infectious disease.

Opponents also point to evidence that side effects of vaccinations are actually far more serious and widespread, affecting far more people than vaccine manufacturers like to admit, and conclude that the minimal benefits of vaccination to society DO NOT outweigh the many risks for each individual, and that the greatest "benefit" of vaccination programs seems to be the multi-billion dollars of profit earned each year by the pharmaceutical companies as a result of mandatory vaccination programs. With so many pasionate arguments on both sides of the issue, how are concerned parents, who want to make an informed decision for their children, supposed to separate the facts from the emotion and the propoganda?

Vaccination Theory
The body's immune system works by producing immunoglobulins, also called anti-bodies, a type of protein "flag" in response to the presence of foreign substances, called antigens, since they generate an immune anti-body response from the immune system. If the foreign substance happens to be a micro-organism such as a bacteria or virus, the antigen is usually referred to as a pathogen. Once the body is exposed to a pathogen, the specific white blood cells which produce the anti-bodies for each pathogen, called memory T-Cells, remain in the body in the event the same pathogen is ever encountered again. The theory of vaccinations briefly stated, is to try and impart the same permanent immunity by exposing the body to low levels of weakened pathogens which create an immune response, without the individual ever having to suffer through the disease caused by that pathogen.

For example, a vaccination against Measles uses a weakened form of the Rubeola virus, the causitive agent for measles, and is intended to prevent the individual from ever actually catching the measles.

Informed Consent
The principle of Informed Consent has its roots in millenia-old medical ethics, and in modern times has become codified as law. Federal regulations require that doctors tell patients in advance the nature of the medicial treatment they are recommending, the risks involved, whether or not there are alternative methods of treatment, and give the patient an opportunity to ask questions. This is often referred to in medical circles as the P.A.R.Q. process, or Procedures, Alternatives, Risks and Questions.

The official position of the Naturopathic profession, as stated by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the national association for the Naturopathic profession, is precisely this.      THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that it is the position of the AANP that:…
     All physicians should obtain from parents signed informed consent by providing printed
     information describing the risks of the infectious diseases, the risks and benefits of
     childhood vaccinations and other options
. Consent forms describing such
     information should be provided in a form and manner which would allow
     responsible parents to make informed decisions regarding the vaccination
     of their children. (emphasis added)

Unfortunately, the proper level of informed consent is not always given to parents, who are often pressured into vaccinations by health care workers who fail to tell them their legal rights. It is therefore imperative that parents inform themselves. The purpose of this website is to start that process by making you aware of subjects and information you may not have been told anywhere else, and to give you a number of resources for further investigation.

Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition
To better understand why vaccinations came to be, it is helpful to review a little of the medical history in Europe and North America during the period of the Industrial Revolution, starting roughly in the 1700s. The Black Death, now known as the Bubonic Plague, had wiped out one-third of the population of Europe in two periods of epidemics. The Black Plague was wreaking its havoc prior to the invention of the microscope so knowledge of the infectious nature of some diseases was unknown. No one knew why one person in a house would suddenly drop dead of the Plague while others in the same house were spared. The nature of the disease seemed very fickle and random, so many people were afraid.

Even as a few clear thinking people began to piece together the puzzle of micro-organisms, infection, and sanitation, fear of these disease was still paramount. Most of the conventional medical profession of the day looked down on the notion that invisible organisms could make people sick, and as a result it took more than a hundred years for even simple concepts such as doctors washing their hands between seeing patients to become standard policy. The greatest cause of death between the 1600s and 1800s was a variety of infectious illnesses. Only as sanitation and hygiene principals became widespread, such as sewage systems, clean water supplies, not allowing trash to accumulate, burning the clothes of people stricken with the plague or other illness, did the incidence and mortality rates begin to decline. A better understanding of nutrition in the role of preventing illnesses also played a crucial role in this same time frame. Better methods of preserving food, simply not eating spoiled food, and a general knowledge of eating a balanced diet all played a role.

Natural Immunity
The human species and our ancestors have existed on this planet for about a million years, possibly longer. For virtually all of that time we did not have anti-biotics, vaccinations, nor any of the other modern medical "advances" that are now deemed necessary to be healthy. During all this time of our history, if we did not have the basic ability to defend ourselves against simple infections,our species could not have survived. The serious epidemics and infectious illnesses which prompted the move to develope vaccinations were caused by poor sanition and nutrition, in other words, by living in un-natural manners. It was a return to clean natural living and hygiene which were the most significant factors for the erradication of these illnesses and not the introduction of un-natural vaccines.

Natural Immune System Development.
To better understand how are immune systems protected us for all those millenia, lets take a closer look at the natural process of birth and development. When a mother is pregnant, the placental barrier keeps most things from leaving the blood supply of the mother and entering the separate, independent blood supply of the fetus. This includes most immunoglobulins, the immune "flags" produced by our white blood cells to identify pathogens to the rest of our immune system. When the infant is born many organs are not fully developed nor fully functioning. Growth from birth to puberty involves not only increasing the size of our organs, bones and tissues, but also some organs need to finish developing.

Whereas most muscles and bones are present at birth and only need to increase in size, our immune system, especially the Thymus gland, does not have the ability to fully function at birth. The thymus gland is responsible for "training" our white blood cells how to perform the crucial function of identifying our own cells (Self) from the cells of a harmful invader (Non-Self). It is certain types of our white blood cells which produce the immunoglobulins which are a vital part of our immune system. The thymus for most people is not fully developed until sometime around the age of somewhere between 3-7 years. Hence, giving vaccinations, which are intended to provoke an immune response from our white cells, prior to that time will be largely ineffective for many people.

In the natural immune process, infants obtain all there immunoglobulins via mother's milk. This is one of many reasons why breastfeeding is so important (There are many nutritional reasons as well all emotional bonding reasons to support breastfeeding rather than formula feeding of infants). The immunoglobulins obtained from the mother will persist in the infants blood for 6-12 months beyond the time of weaning. So, if the infant immune system won't be fully developed until age 3 at the earliest breastfeeding for at least 2 years is crucial for the normal, safe development of the child.

It is shortly after the immunoglobulins provided by the mother begin to wane, around age 3-5, that most "childhood diseases" begin. This period is typically finished by puberty, around the age of 13-14. Virtually all of the childhood diseases only reside in the human population - no other species suffers from the mumps, for example. In nature, this type of symbiotic relationship usually only persists if it is beneficial for both species. The period of childhood illnesses is therefore a vital part of the "education" of our body's immune system, so that when the child becomes an adult after puberty and enters the reproductive years, they will be able to defend themselves from illness and be able to care for their own children.

Another major factor affecting natural immunity is nutrition. If a child's (or adult's) diet is rich in all the Essential Nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids), and low in immune suppresive foods such as sugar and bad fats, that individual is likely to have a strong immune system. Diets low in essential nutrients and high in immune suppressive foods (sugar, processed foods and junk food), that individual is likely to have a weak immune system.

Natural Infection Process.
When exposed to a possible pathogenic organism, most infection of childhood diseases takes place through the transmission of fine droplets which get on the child's skin. The classic example is a child with a disease in the contagious phase will sneeze on their own hands and then touch an object such as a table or chair. Another child will also touch that surface, get the moisture on their own hands, and possible wipe their own nose or eat some food without washing their hands.

This foreign pathogen then begins to stimulate the child's immune system at each of four levels in order: the skin, the internal mucous membranes in the respiratory tract or GI tract, the Lymph nodes and finally the blood. The bloodstream is considered to be the deepest and most serious level; once a disease makes it to the blood it is considered to have become "Systemic" - and can be transmitted throughout the body almost instantly. Furthermore, children are generally exposed to only one pathogenic organism at a time. Those pathogens that are strong enough to make it past the body's outer defenses and enter the bloodstream are weakened when they get there, and the body's immune defenses were fully activated at each level.

The vaccination process, however, bypasses all the body's outer defenses of the skin, mucous membranes and lymphatic system and injects pathogenic organisms direcly into the bloodstream. To make matters worse, most modern vaccinations are multi-valent; that is, they consist of multiple pathogenic organisms, which arrive in the body's bloodstream, at full strength, with NONE of the levels of the immune system activated. These pathogens have the full run of the body until the immune system can respond, which can be days, weeks or even longer, since these vaccinations may have taken place at such an early age that the immune organs needed to mount the response are not fully developed! Furthermore, most of these vaccines contain various preservatives and other contaminants, such as the poison mercury, which can cause their own health problems.

Current Risks of Infectious Disease
In Western countries with proper nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, the risks of serious side effects, complications or death from the childhood diseases routinely vaccinated against is extremely low. Though the numbers vary from one illness to another, they are all on the order of 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 1 million. In third world countries with poor nutrition and sanitation, the numbers are much worse - between 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000 may experience a serious case or death. Websites which state these lower statistics as the numbers for the risk of side effects or death among un-vaccinated children are stating the numbers from third-world countries.

If you choose to not vaccinate your children it is important to be sure they eat a healthy diet with all the Essential Nutrients and avoid immune suppressing food items like white sugar, candy, sweetened breakfast cereals, sodas and french fries or other junk food cooked in bad fats. Most parents will want to do this anyway when they learn just how un-healthy these over-processed foods really are.

Risks of Vaccination Side Effects
When you investigate many of the links below and start reading the suggested books, many of these go into great detail on how under-reported vaccination side effects really are. While oficial government websites may list very few side-effects for certain vaccinations, the truth is that when surveyed, most pediatricians state they would refuse to report any side effect from vaccinations. The exceptions would be instantaneous side-effects that took place while the child was still in the clinic. Side effects reported by parents that took place hours, days or weeks later are seldom given any valid consideration by most conventional health care practitioners.

There are therefore few good statistics on vaccination side-effects, though several organizations (see below) are starting to compile their own data independent of the government agencies. Vaccination side-effects can be categorized as short-term or long-term effects based on when they appear following the administration of the vaccine. The following table lists the major categories of vaccination side effects; for full details on any particular vaccination, please refer to the resources at the bottom of this page.

Skin Rashes
Nausea, Vomitting, Diarrhea
Coughs, Runny Noses
Ear Infections
Loss of Muscle Control
Brain Inflammation
Hemolytic Anemia
Sudden Infant Death
Brain Damage
Other Severe Neurological Damage
Allergies and Hypersensitivities
General Damage to the Immune System
Incomplete or Arrested Development of the Immune System
Auto-Immune Diseases
Stealth Viruses

Efficacy of Vaccinations
Keep in mind the the goal of widespread vaccination programs was, on the surface, very noble - to eliminate infections diseases and the suffering and death they caused in days gone by. As they have been implemented in modern times, however, most vaccinations fall far short of this goal for several reasons.

First, Vaccinations do not impart permanent immunity from the diseases they vaccinate against. Most modern studies show that a high percentage of people who were vaccinated as children have no stored immunity by the time they reach adulthood in their late teens or early twenties. When exposed to the diseases at this later age, they usually have a much more serious case of these illnesses, which can be fatal more often than when the diseases are acquired naturally as children.

Second, Most epidemic-level outbreaks of the various diseases our society is vaccinating against are taking place among fully-vaccinated children. Even in the short-term, where vaccinations have been effective at reducing disease incidence, the immune effects are not universal and more and more children are getting sick anyway. In other words, children are being exposed to the risks of vaccination without the benefits of either short-term or long-term immunity. In roughly the last 30 years, for example, every case polio in the U.S. has been among previously vaccinated individuals.

Third, the risks of side effects from vaccinations now appear to be higher than the risks of serious side effects from the naturally acquired childhood diseases. There still needs to be additional epidemiological research done in this area, but the preliminary findings are pointing in this direction. This will be especially true when the actual long-term side effects of an altered, hypo-functioning or dysfunctioning immune system are included. This will include conditions such as auto-immune diseases and cancer, all of which are now at epidemic levels in the U.S. and elsewhere where vaccinations are widespread.

Fourth, the entire philosophy of vaccinations overlooks the crucial importance of actually catching the various childhood diseases as part of the normal development and training of our immune systems. Without ever being properly trained and allowed to exercise itself, we can never be fully certain that our immune system will be able to do its job throughout our lifetimes.

Alternatives to Vaccinations
If you choose not to vaccinate your children, you may be wondering what options you have to protect your child. The best protection is of course a healthy immune system. You may, however, want to do more or to reduce the severity of childhood illnesses when they do occur. Basically, the major options for a more natural approach to immunity and prevention can be summarized as follows:

Strong Nutrition and Immune System, Allow Child to Catch Diseases Naturally. If you or other children in your family have shown strong vitality and most of your child's illnesses are short and relatively benign, he or she is probably an excellent candidate for this option. In this case, treat the illnesses when they arise with homeopathy, herbal medicines or other natural means which support the natural immune process.

Treat Prophylactically with Homeopathy During Known Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases. Even as far back as the time of Hahnemann, homeopathy has been used as a preventive measure during known epidemics and has been shown to reduce both the incidence of diseases and the severity in people who do catch the illness.

Treat Prophylactically with Homeopathy According to a Schedule. This in essence is similar to the vaccination process, but without the side effects of the vaccinations. It is important to note that homeopathic forms of the vaccines will not impart immunity as measured by blood anti-bodies. Nevertheless, in statistics compiled by an Australian Homeopath, Isaac Golden, this process still results in a reduction in disease incidence and severity. Golden's work needs to be replicated and expanded, but this may be a better option if your child tends to be more sickly, or more strongly afflicted by illnesses.

Your Legal Rights
The legal requirements of vaccinations vary from state to state. The details listed here are only for the state of California. If you happen to live elsewhere, please refer to one of the links below for your legal requirements.

In California there are a set of legal exemptions for vaccinations which give parents the option to forego any or all of the childhood vaccinatons for religious or philosophical reasons. The exact text of the exemption is as follows:

*7. PERSONAL BELIEFS EXEMPTION: If immunization is against your religious or personal beliefs, you will be asked to sign an affidavit at the time of registration. Your child will then be exempt from the immunization requirements.
*NOTE: If your child is exempt because of 1, 2, or 7 above, and there is a disease outbreak, the school may be ordered by the Health Department to temporarily exclude your child for his/her protection.

To read the full text of all the legal exemptions for vaccinations, Click Here.

For a copy of the California school vaccination form, with the exemptions avidavit on the back, Click Here.

The qualifying Note in the above philosophical exemption is interesting. It says if there is an outbreak of one of the diseases vaccinated against, un-vaccinated children get to stay home, while the vaccinated children who are part of the disease outbreak have to go to school. What makes this interesting is that vaccinated children should be immune to the disease, but aren't.

Suggested Reading and Resources

       The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children & Adults
       by Randall Neustaedter        Evidence of Harm; Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy
        by David Kirby        Vaccination? A Review of the Risks and Alternatives
        by Isaac Golden        Homeoprophylaxis: A Fifteen Year Clinical Study
        by Isaac Golden        Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccination
        by Susan Curtis        A Shot in the Dark: Why the P in the DPT may be hazardous to your Child's Health
        by Harris Coulter & Barbara Loe Fisher        The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts about Vaccination
        by Eleanor McBean        The Crime of Vaccination: A Foul Blot on America's Liberty
        by Benedict Lust
National Vaccine Information Center
       Dr. James Howenstine
       Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute
       Vaccination Debate
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       Vaccine Liberation
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       Vaccination News
       Vaccine Injury Alliance















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Zullen we hun ook helpen? | Bijlage 85 Belang van licht en slaap | Bijlage 86 Artikel Dr Mercola over vergissingen in voeding die tot voedings tekorten leiden. | Bijlage 87 In Amerika beïnvloedt Junkfoodindustrie diëtistenopleidingen | bijlage 88 Dr Coldwell: Elke kanker kan in 2 tot 16 weken genezen worden | Bijlage 89: Want to Know over Tetanus | Appendix 90: Dr. Russel Blaylock | Bijlage 91 Wat zijn opvliegers? | Bijlage 92, Dr Mercola: One in 25 Patients End Up with Hospital-Acquired Infections, CDC Warns | Bijlage 93 Dr Mercola Toxic Combo of Roundup and Fertilizers Blamed for Tens of Thousands of Deaths | Bijlqge 94 New Studies Show Optimizing Vitamin D Levels May Double Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer, Lower LDL Cholesterol, and Helps Prevent Autism | Bijlage 95, Dr.Mercola: How Vitamin D Performance Testing Can Help Optimize Your Health | Bijlage 96: Be Wary About This Food - It Can Wreck Your Ability to Walk, Talk, and Think | Bijlage 97 Gevaren van Vaccinaties (Mercola) | Bijlage 98: Ouders moeten geïnformeerd worden over de gevaren van vaccineren om een goede keus te kunnen maken | Bijlag 99: Zonnebrandmiddelen gevaarlijker dan zon als het gaat om huidkanker | Bijlage 100 Ignoring This Inflammatory Early Warning Signal Could Cost Your Life | Bijlage 101 Mijd Giffen, Niet Voedingsmiddelen! | Bijlage 102 Mentale rust | Bijlage 103: Voordelen van Kurkuma | Bijlage 104: Dr Mercola article Kruid tegen kanker | Bijlage 105: Dr Mercola: Sun , vitamin D and vitamin B3 crucial for longevity | Bijlage 106 Cowspiracy film en kritiek | Bijlage 107 Artemesia een effectief anti-malaria kruid | Bijlage 108, Chemotherapie is gevaarlijk | Bijlage 109 Canola oil, what is it, and is it good or bad for people? | Bijlage 110 Are peanuts good or bad for you? | Bijlage 111 Halloween recipes | Bijlage 112 Vaccinatieschade | Bijlage 113 Immigrants seek herbal remedies | Bijlage 114 more_doctors_confessing_to_intentionally_diagnosing_healthy_people_with_cancer | Bijlage 115 Dangers of vaccinating pregnant women | Bijlage 116 Omega 3-6-9 mengsel | Bijlage 117 Waarom er geen koolzaadolie zit in het omega 3-6-9- mengsel van de g4dv | Bijlage 118 Vaccinaties | Bijlage 119 Judy Wilyman, PhD on amti vaccination | Bijlage 120 Wetenschappelijke argumenten die de Keshe scam blootleggen | Bijlage 121 ECEH bacterie | Bijlage 122 grains | Bijlage 123 Make your own chocolate | Bijlage 124 Vaccine Violence | Bijlage 125 Italian court rules mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism: US media continues total blackout of medical truth | Bijlage 126 Dr Mercola: Vaccines and Neurological Damage | Bijlage 127 Why many doctors do not vaccinate their own children | Appendix 128 2 centuries of officoial statistics show vaccines did not save us and These graphs show why many doctors don't vaccinate their own children and Vaccines: A Peek Underneath the Hood | Bijlage 129 Leaflet Infanrix | Bijlage 130 Vaccine Madness | Bijlage 131 Japanse slachtoffers vaccin baarmoederhalskanker slepen overheid en farmareuzen voor de rechter | Bijlage 132 Pregnancy, labour, delivery and child care | Appendix 133 healing diet for our canine friends | Bijlage 134 Flowchart edible or non-edible | Bijlage 135 Keeping children healthy naturally | Bijlage 136 Vaccines and the Amygdala | Bijlage 137 Revolving door between politics and big pharma explained | Bijlage 138 Ingredients Vaccines | Bijlage 139: Medisch scheikundige geeft drie redenen waarom hij zijn kinderen niet laat vaccineren | Bijlage 140 Ryan's story | Bijlage 141 NVKP lezingen dr Hans Moolenburgh | Bijlage 142 HPV vaccine | Bijlage 143 Fluoride | Bijlage 144 Baby dies three days after getting six vaccines | Bijlage 145 Interview Trouw met Dr Hans Moolenburgh | Bijlage 146 Jacob van Lennep | Bijlage 147 Flow chart "to believe or not to believe medical or nutritional advice" | Appendix 148 The case experts make against vaccines | Apendix 149 Dr Mercola article: Experts admit Zika threat fraud | Appendix 150 Sudden deaths among health advocates | Appendix 151 Thimerosal | appendix 152 Herd immunity? | Appendix 153 Formaldehyde in vaccines | Appendix 154 Why doctor's say "Do not take the flu shot!" | Bijlage 155 Vaccineren? Natuurlijk niet! 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PhD Microbiologist, vaccine expert | Appendix 212: Thimerosal breaks down into ethyl mercury in the body, and is 50 times more toxic than the methyl mercury found in fish | Appendix 213 Dr Dale Brown | Appendix 214 Vaccines cause autism | Appendix 215 Statistics infant mortality per country | Appendix 216: How to lower glutamate levels in the brain | Appendix 217 David Getoff | Appendix 218 Measles hypes versus facts | Appendix 219: Natural Bug and flea repellents | Appendix 220 Huisarts Hans van der Linde: Het Pillenbedrog | Bijlage 221 Voetmassagekaart | Bijlage 222 Zelf oliën maken | Appendix 223 Life expectancy Statistics | Appendix 224 Medical Mistakes

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